Oregon State Fair 2017

We had a great State Fair this year.  We took two yearling heifers this year and they performed quite well.  Daija Smith with the help of Marcus Mann were a great help with prepping the two for show. We really appreciate the hard work they put into the cattle. Daija has a way with cattle for sure and is so sweet and calm!

The black HPF Temptation x Two Step heifer won a difficult class and were were stunned and excited! We think she is pretty special but there were a lot of other really nice animals there that day! The red heifer out of Red Suspicion x Beefmaker came in third in her class and we are quite happy with that placing too.  She is my favorite heifer and a total meat wagon! I affecionately call her Beefarella. She is going to make a big broody fantastic cow!